Update to: “Undying Perseverance”

”]Chen Chih-chung, son of former Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian, and his wife Huang Jui-ching walk into the prosecutors office in Taipei on November 14, 2008.  [Agencies]

(Click through there to view a video: Monday, August 25, 2008 edition of Talking Show (大話新聞) has video of Chen Shui-Bian’s son and daughter-in-law returning to Taiwan, facing the media, and showing up for interrogation.  Host Cheng Hung-Yi (鄭弘儀) and panelist Ho Po-Wen (何博文) discuss the media’s fabrications.)

A personal recommendation on a video, here.


Chen Shui-Bian‘s very own son, Chen Chih-Chung (陳致中) and daughter-in-law, Huang Jui-Ching (黃睿靚) have agreed to wire the amount of NTD $570 million, back to Taiwan!  Chen is currently held in prison over money laundry in millions of NT during his presidential term, the suspects are reported to be Chen (father always takes the blame for the family), his wife Wu, the son and daughter-in-law.

It seems that the family has finally caved under the prolonged harassments, media pressure and Chen’s indictment.  Not to mention to feeling of betrayal among the DPP supporters.  The last agreement follows the couple’s stated willingness to return another USD $21 million in funds (as well deposited within Swiss bank accounts), the very funds that prosecutors are alleged to believe to be connected to the family’s money laundering activities.

According to the sources within Special Investigation Division under the Supreme Prosecutors Office, the couple identified the flow of NTD $570 million in a deposition on December 18, 2008.  The funds have not been frozen by Swiss authorities, despite the ongoing investigation, and may be kickbacks from Taiwanese businessmen for preferential government treatment for their companies.  In defense, the former first family insists that the funds it funneled abroad were political campaign contributions.



(photo dated to Friday, August 15, 2008) Peter Wang, convener of the ‘‘908 Taiwan Nation Movement,’’ breaks a statue of former president Chen Shui-bian at a press conference. Wang said he was angry and disappointed with Chen for his inaccurate reporting of election campaign funds and for the funds’ transfer to overseas bank accounts. PHOTO: GEORGE TSORNG, TAIPEI TIMES

(About Petere Wang: “Peter Wang (王獻極), organizer of the annual rally and convener of “the 908 Taiwan Nation Movement,” said Taiwan needs to abolish the ROC Constitution, terminate the ROC system of government, write a new constitution for the Taiwan Republic and implement a new Taiwan Republic system of government.

Wang also criticized President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) pro-China polices, which he claimed risked selling out Taiwan.”)

Does this, “funds for political campaign” make it any more right?  Returning it to Taiwan‘s government, what would it mean…??

Simply put: stealing money from the former first family and using it as an action in confession to the alleged crime.  Wait…  Say this is all true, is anyone willing to say that according to this theory, Chen is in jail over presumptions??  That it truly is, politically motivated??

Lets go on with this theory and review what the prosecutors have to say:

The prosecutors declined to confirm whether Chen and Huang have signed authorization letters allowing them to scrutinize their Swiss bank accounts and have the money returned.

The couple indicated that there are “willing to discuss a plea bargain and have the USD $21 million (the only amount reported to have been forzen by Swiss authorities) returned to Taiwan.  So it is confirmed: KMT have devised their plan well and their own prosecutors outweight the rights privlidged to the former first family.

Politics (KMT news)  Photo dated to January 19, 2007

What is political freedom?

It is being re-defined due to recent activities with the past week.  How is the former first family fighting?  It doesn’t seem like anyone is willing to fight back except Chen, with the pupblication of his book: a release of his inner-most thoughts, experiences and raw emotions.  How dangerous is this for politics?  Very.  No politician has ever been so raw and spoken as Chen Shui-Bian.

So what is going on with the former first lady?  The Taipei District Court will subpoena the former president’s wife, Wu Shu-Jen (吳淑珍) on February 10 – 11, 2009, in start of a series of pretrial hearings.  It seems like an elliptical race: no end and no beginning, the only way to pause is to stop.  Refer to Newton’s law of motion.  It’s a rat-race unfolding before our eyes.

One may ask the most important question in this case: What was the money originally used for?  According to the prosecutors, they were bribes in connection with a land procurement deal and in helping a contractor win the tender for a government construction project.

With this thought, lets review.  If it was money taken from the government – with intention to use it (give back to) in the government, how is it “theft” or considered as “money laundering?”

In an article dated back to July 01, 2006 from taipeitimes, already explains the situation:


(Photo dated for Friday, June 31, 2006) Reporters surround the first family's doctor, Huang Fang-yen, as he walks into the Taipei office of the Bureau of Investigation. PHOTO: FANG PIN-CHAO, TAIPEI TIMES

The first lady has been accused of intervening in a Sogo acquisition deal and improperly accepting Sogo gift vouchers.

Huang Fang-Yen (黃芳彥), [Chen’s family doctor and] deputy superintendent of the ShinKong Hospital in Taipei, was allegedly the middleman who accepted and delivered the gift vouchers to Wu from interested businessmen.

The gift vouchers were allegedly worth around NTD $6 million (USD $185,000).

Huang allegedly dined with the head of My Humble House Group Tsai Chen-Yang (蔡辰洋), the former chief of Waterland Financial Holding Co. Walter Lin (林華德) and Taiwan Financial Asset Service Corp. chairman Hung San-Hsiung (洪三雄) in 2002 September to discuss the Sogo deal.

In February 2003, Huang is said to have dined with Far Eastern Group chairman Douglas Hsu (徐旭東), Pacific Distribution Investment Co. chairman Lee Heng-Lung (李恆隆), Walter Lin, and former Presidential Office deputy secretary-general Chen Che-Nan (陳哲男).

Hsu acquired ownership of Sogo in 2004.

The allegations against Wu have been denied by President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁), who has said he would resign if any member of the first family had improperly accepted vouchers.

In his televised address to the nation last Thursday Chen reiterated that his wife had never directly accepted Sogo gift vouchers from Lee Heng-lung, former chief of the Pacific Group, Chang Min-Chiang (章民強) or Hsu.

To view the list, by the KMT party, of DPP’s government scandals, you may view them through this link as a PDF document.

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