New Culture in Coffee for Taiwanese

Who likes coffee?  Apparently, this squirrel is getting the right idea! 
coffee will extend your life span. At least if youre a woman.

Even squirrels have gotten the message: coffee will extend your life span. At least if you're a woman. Photo courtesy of Associated Press, taken in 2004 in Saginaw, Mich. by David A. Sommers of The Saginaw News.

For years, mother says, “Coffee is bad for you, you won’t sleep and it ruins your pretty white teeth!”  As of June 2008, study says that regular coffee drinking may have a protective estringents!!  The study defines regular drinking as up to 6 cups a day.

Such new findings are based on surveys on thousand of men and women, who answered questions referring to their healthdiet and lifestyle every few years consequtively.  The researchers involved, analyzed the answers from 84,214 women in the Nurses’ Health Study, and 41,736 men participating in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study; all participants completed questionnaires every two to four years.

The results, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, show women who average on two to three cups of caffeinated coffee per day,  reveals a 25% lower risk of death from heart disease between 1980 and 2004, and an 18% lower risk of death in something other than cancer or heart disease.  However, there revealed no differences among the men tracked from 1986 to 2004.

(The research accounted risk factors, such as: body size, smoking, diet, other habits influencing one’s health, and specific diseases – in the results.)

 So take your time, pour another cup of black.  Sit back, sip that Joe and enjoy the article.  🙂

Photographed logo from the interior.

Photographed logo from the interior.

What is better than a $4.oo to maybe $6.oo cup of coffee at Starbucks?  How about a coffee that is in fashion, a huge hit and is healthy for you…  All under $3.oo!!!   You can order one drink and two cakes, equivalent to the price of one Frappucino.  No, it’s not a dream, but it is one come true and is ever expanding in ideas to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

The many and wide variety of cakes within their bakey section to suit all tastes.  A must try!

The many and wide variety of cakes within their bakey section to suit all tastes. A must try!

Since the launch on December 11, 2004, the 85 Degree Bakery Cafe, Taiwan’s top leading coffee chain, changed coffee lovers forever.

“Public reaction surprised us.  Nowadays an outlet in north Taiwan can sell 700 cups of Salt Coffee per day and a store in south Taiwan can sell 700 cups, which is 20 to 30 per cent more than the daily sale of our brand coffee, American coffee,” Cathy Chung, 85 Degree Bakery Cafe spokesperson said.



Chung adds that the company invented the idea of Salt Coffee from the current sweeping trend of using sea-salt as health ingredient in food or cosmetics in Taiwan.

She continues, “Sea salt, which is also called ocean salt, is not refined and has more minerals than table salt.  Besides giving the salty flavour, it opens the taste buds of your tongue, so you get a unique flavour from our Salt Coffee.”

Taiwanese traditionally rub salt onto fruits to enhance its natural taste [fruits,] explaining the possible sudden craze for Salt Coffee.    

The 85 Degree Bakery Cafe adds under a pinch of sea salt to the creamy foam and chilled cream to the coffee.

85 Degree Bakery Cafe has out-beat Starbucks, becoming Taiwan’s official top, leading coffee chain in 2005.  Currently, the company holds 35 locations in Taiwan, 20 in China, four in Australia and one in the United States.  Headquarters based in Taichung of central Taiwan, it offers a main bakery in the city as well as in Taipei County.


“It gives you three tastes.  First, you get the slightly salty taste from the cold cream foam, second, the mixed taste of the salty cream foam and hot coffee, third, the aroma of coffee…

It is amazing. I ordered it out of curiosity and expected it to be salty, but the taste is not entirely salty.  It is salty and sweet, and is more fragrant then sugared coffee.” Ho Hsiu-ling, a university student, told a DPA reporter from the Hsinyi Road location in Taipei.

However, a computer engineer, Li Ping-mou preferred iced Salt Coffee “… because the salty-sweet taste is sharper.”  The secret of the company’s success lies in its low-priced coffee – 35-55 Taiwan dollars (1-1.5 dollars) per cup – and up to 50 types of bread and cakes fresh out of the over.  Also, what many don’t realize, they use only premium Guatemalan coffee beans. “Each cup of coffee is brewed individually with grounded beans,” quoted from the company’s Web site (for links, scroll to the end of this article).



‘We are now Taiwan’s biggest coffee chain by the number of outlets and by earnings. Our goal is to turn 85 Degree coffee into an international brand,’ Chung said. After creating Salt Coffee, the company plans to launch a new addiction to the public with: Cheese Coffee and Fruity Coffee – by adding such flavours (non artificial) to the coffee.

Caramel Coffee Pudding



Caramel Coffee Pudding

85 Degree Cafe is generally open between 8:00 to 00:00 (Midnight), but there are a few I’ve seen to be opened for twenty-four hours.

Official website in Mandarin…

Official website in English…

85 Degree Bakery’s Official Blog (with many photos)

There is a convenience store across the street from the Shi-Lin night market, and it is literally 1.5 blocks away from the Xi-Men pedestrian area.  Around a block away from the Xi-Men MRT station (real-world view here), there is a 85 degree bakery cafe.  Todd from The Daily Bubble Tea translated one of their menus with his post here.


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  2. What is the Hed Office phone number and address of 85 degree bakery ???

    Please let me know.

  3. The head office would be in Taiwan if that’s not a problem for you. You may contact them through this number: 0800_783168

    Or customer service line: 0800-611588 (operating hours from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm).
    If you are calling from a country outside of Taiwan, please do not forget to add 886 for the area code in the front before you dial the phone number.

    Hope this helps and thank you for taking an interest in my blog. 🙂

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