Santa Ma Yin Jeou

President appeals to businesses to refrain from `excessive’ layoffs

Taipei, Dec. 18 (CNA)

President Ma Ying-jeou appealed to the business and industrial sectors Thursday to refrain from making “excessive” numbers of employees redundant.

“Employees will work themselves to the bone for their companies if they are retained in this wave of global economic crisis, which is triggering a spate of layoffs,” Ma said.

Addressing a ceremony marking the establishment of the Taiwan Electrical Commercial Association, Ma quoted the results of business research as indicating that it costs a company more to hire a new employee after making an existing one redundant.

Ma reiterated that in the face of the economic downturn, his administration is doing its utmost to help banking institutions pull their weight in the hope that the banks will in turn help businesses, while businesses should therefore offer opportunities for their employees.

He added that to improve employment, the administration has planned to make some 110,000 jobs available before next October and will create around 200,000 job openings in the ensuing four years.

“I hope the business sector will invest more and that the private sector will consume more, as the government has pulled out all the stops and used all the resources at its disposal to rev up the economy,” Ma said.

Citing the north-central county of Miaoli and the central city of Taichung as examples, Ma said the national electrical commercial association could emulate these cities by capitalizing on the free shopping vouchers that the government is set to distribute nationwide next month in a bid to boost consumption.

The Miaoli county government will invest NT$10 million to capitalize on the shopping voucher program. It has said that for each NT$5,000 spent that includes the NT$3,600-worth of vouchers, shoppers in Miaoli will be entitled to a ticket for lucky draws. Prizes up for grabs will be 10 luxury cars, 100 TFT-LED TV sets, scores of refrigerators and many other hi-tech health and entertainment gear.

The Taichung city government has offered similar incentives to lure spenders to the city, with its top prize being an upscale downtown apartment. (By Deborah Kuo)

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